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US-D310758-S: Roller dispenser patent, US-D310882-S: Orthopedic unit or the like for relief of back ailment patent, US-D312269-S: Toner case for copying machine patent, US-D312591-S: Siren for antitheft warning apparatus for vehicles patent, US-D312605-S: Tie loop for vehicle article carrier patent, US-D312740-S: Soap bar holder patent, US-D313238-S: Walk-on piano patent, US-D313813-S: Developing unit for copiers patent, US-D314471-S: Saw blade holder or similar article patent, US-D314552-S: Telephone connector block or similar article patent, US-D315196-S: Portable hand wash unit patent, US-D316882-S: Return top patent, US-D317353-S: Combined bathtub and shower enclosure patent, US-D317703-S: Drywall carrier patent, US-D318855-S: Slow blow fuse patent, US-D319144-S: Combination portable and detachable bag patent, US-D319176-S: Flexible pouch patent, US-D321869-S: Video cassette tape patent, US-D322345-S: Wastebasket patent, US-D322416-S: Jewelry chain patent, US-D323781-S: Bottle patent, US-D326206-S: Carafe patent, US-D327258-S: Computer system or similar article patent, US-D327306-S: Doll patent, US-D328512-S: Portable log lifter patent, US-D329127-S: Shoe upper patent, US-D329582-S: Angle drive for cordless screwdriver patent, US-D332177-S: Gum massager patent, US-D332389-S: Tie-down clamp for a pickup truck patent, US-D332505-S: Comb patent, US-D332701-S: Broom cap patent, US-D334496-S: Rug merchandise display stand patent, US-D334844-S: Hairbrush handle patent, US-D334911-S: Combined mirror frame and hinged cover, for attachment to a vehicle sun visor patent, US-D335351-S: Foot diagnosis unit patent, US-D335713-S: Extruded window sill patent, US-D335961-S: Fishing rod holder patent, US-D336396-S: Base for an infant seat patent, US-D336457-S: Wedge for setting a motorcycle brake patent, US-D337333-S: Extension mount for cellular phone patent, US-D337590-S: Combined microphone, speaker, and amplifier patent, US-D337801-S: Physical training and exercise weight member patent, US-D338556-S: Automotive cup holder patent, US-D341327-S: Adjustable disc scale patent, US-D342384-S: Key ring holder patent, US-D342611-S: Display mount patent, US-D343025-S: Lady's electric shaver patent, US-D343525-S: Portable hunter's seat patent, US-D343608-S: Triple bend paddle patent, US-D343712-S: Narrow wire basket with mounting pins patent, US-D344486-S: Frame for a tag patent, US-D344826-S: Mop patent, US-D344923-S: Disc brake shim patent, US-D345173-S: Still camera patent, US-D345678-S: Vegetable spinner patent, US-D346454-S: Ceramic tile unit for a floor or a wall patent, US-D346646-S: Flexible sink trap patent, US-D347134-S: Bag holder patent, US-D347543-S: Irrigation tank with wicking nozzle patent, US-D348449-S: Flat panel display patent, US-D349759-S: Sanitary water closet patent, US-D350608-S: Electric massager patent, US-D350858-S: Seat patent, US-D355930-S: Ink cartridge for printer patent, US-D356228-S: Mat patent, US-D356240-S: Combined screwdriver and wrench patent, US-D356556-S: Video monitor patent, US-D357200-S: Indicating cap patent, US-D357237-S: CRT display terminal patent, US-D358120-S: Disc brake shim patent, US-D358339-S: Square analog clock patent, US-D359625-S: Brush handle patent, US-D360259-S: Chemical feeding syringe pump patent, US-D360679-S: Faucet body patent, US-D361406-S: Compact patent, US-D362928-S: Spur patent, US-D364933-S: Roof flashing patent, US-D365017-S: Clip patent, US-D366309-S: Shower head patent, US-D368131-S: Float valve patent, US-D369440-S: Three cuff handcuffs patent, US-D370494-S: Indicating device patent, US-D372919-S: Corded telephone handset patent, US-D375796-S: Flexible baby bottle holder patent, US-D376108-S: Kitchen timer patent, US-D376289-S: Disk-holding insert for a storage case for a compact disk patent, US-D376713-S: Adjustable leg patent, US-D376787-S: Video display pedestal patent, US-D376928-S: Lap tray patent, US-D377783-S: Integrated circuit chip holding device patent, US-D377910-S: Thermometer patent, US-D377952-S: Animal doll for use as a stationery holder patent, US-D378693-S: Human body shaped body board patent, US-D379005-S: Video editor with liquid crystal monitor patent, US-D379589-S: Container patent, US-D381890-S: Blind track patent, US-D383374-S: Angle bracket patent, US-D384985-S: Bone-shaped balloon patent, US-D385345-S: Palm tree air freshener patent, US-D385551-S: Keyboard for inputting data into a processing machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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